Re: I booked my flight


Hey Mike,
Sounds great I hope I get the opportunity to meet up with you in NZ to have a drink! I havent heard anything about the jobs yet…its only been a matter of days…but some people are already hearing I hope they still have me in mind…I heard that 12,000 people apply and only 5% get accepted. I hope I’m in the running! I met some people at the job fair on Friday…and we talked most of the time and stood in line and stuff. Then we exchanged info…and I left….I later when down to Colorado Springs that day which is about an hour or so South of Denver…and I went to the Garden of the Gods Park (really neat place) and I met them there again…That was really a coincidence to meet again like that at the same place and same time that far away…So I have some hope that we all are destined to go…lol…Thanks Mike for all the help you have given everyone on the board here.