Re: I got an interview



I think anyone networking on this site has a big advantage on securing a position…it’s just all so positive & helpful…I just kept the intention in my mind that I WAS going down & acted as if it were true & I did get a job… (sounds new-agey I know, but it worked!)…

If anyone wants to write me off list my e-mail address is:

(Mike: I’ve tried to change my e-mail on the personal information screen & can’t do it)

G: it’s obvious to ME why you were sainted…’nuff said…

Atlas: you are hilarious. I try not to know of celebrity spawn (being somewhat of an anti-breeder), but it is difficult in this country not to be assualted by Absolute Nonsense About People We Don’t Care About (and who are about as interesting as a box of hair)…that’s one of the things that is so refreshing on the Ice: you can spend your entire time having no notion of what’s gong on “in the world”……

work, eat, sleep…. the occasional fistfight….ahhh, can’t wait to get back to it!