Re: I got an interview


Vermin control????
What the heck is that? I never heard of it. Seriously, I have heard of rodents and spiders coming in on the ship, but with no water they die off pretty quick. This is a dry place and other than a few weeks in the summer when the snow melts on the road, there is no liquid water to found outside the taps.
We did have an outbreak of fruit flies one year. A bunch of soda cans froze and burst in one of the food warehouses. An errant  fruitfly or two or three got things started and with plenty of sugar water from the busted soda cans they thrived.
The janitor job is a good one. In spite of the fact that they are among the lowest paid jobs, we regularly get janitors asking to come back. You almost never see that in a DA job. Janitors work round the clock so you may find yourself on night shift. It’s basically the same as days but a little less hectic and some say more pleasant. Janitors often have days off in the middle of the week. In the summer this allows you to get out sometimes with the science groups. Something few of the rest of us get to do.
The janitor job is exactly what you would expect it to be. Cleaning sweeping mopping shampooing trash removal etc etc. You get to be an independant worker in that you are assigned a group of building to clean and you are your own boss getting it done. It’s one of the things janitors like.
I think if it wasn’t for the pay, a lot of people would come back. Even being a janitor, you will probably find your bank account growing much faster than it ever did.
Marxha, If you are reading this, chime in.