Re: I got an interview


yo atlas!

‘work, eat, sleep…. the occasional fistfight….’  —  Sounds like one of your date nights.”

hardee har….your going to frighten all the fingies! & no, I was assigned to the MET this year instead of VMF…

“Just finished my PQ stuff today.  Oh, how I hate that obligatory combination of a finger, latex gloves, and KY Jelly.  At least you just get to lie back, and kick up your  heels…”

oh right, you get a wee finger, we get a medieval steel spatula/ratchet thingy with a hand crank….

Mrs. Stratman! congrats & SO glad to hear from you! Why don’t you & the new hubby come back to the Ice….’twould be great…

I finally pq’d after having to have some blood tests redone after some sketchy results…so each year there has been a snag with medical; best to not delay all you new folks..and don’t be shy about calling medical often after you’ve sent everything in…something always slips thru the cracks…it’s a hectic time for them….just be super nice!

I’m scheduled for my psyche eval (alt w/o contract) in Denver July 15, anyone else going to be there?