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Janitors work, for the most part, the regular town schedule of 7:30-5:30pm, except about three or 4 people who work night shift (10pm-8am) all season. Day shifters get the opportunity of doing Sunday Run (garbage take out in dorms, cleaning the bars & coffee shop, usually about 4-5 hours) and then getting another day during the week off (where you can do fun things that are not available on Sundays.)

There is a staff meeting each morning from 7:30 to 8am ish where your supervisor determines schedules and special projects for the day.

Each janitor is assigned a dorm to clean (toilets, trash, halls, vaccuming, lounges, etc) sometimes two, and one or two work buildings on a daily basis. Once the season settles you get the one dorm/workspace every day for the rest of the season.

You have an amazing supervisor–returning (I’m pretty sure) for her third season–Amanda. The fella who hired you won’t have much supervisory stuff to do with you on a daily basis. Largely because of her being so cool, you will have a good season.

It can be a difficult repetitve job, with repetitive motion injuries and occasional issues with the chemicals (your hands will be red & raw at some point in the season, even with gloves) you have to use.

Janitors have a lot of alone time and freedom within their days to do the tasks they have set for them, you get outdoors on a regular basis, and get out to the runways (to clean the toilets) pretty often too. Amanda advocates for her crew to get them on boondoggles.

Last season we pulled in every damn Janitor alt we had, even some midway through the season, so your chances are very good of coming down.

Hope this helped.

Good luck,

P.S. Hope you don’t mind my jumping in like this, Mike. How’s your winter?

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