Re: I got an interview


St. Genevieve —
So good to hear from you!  I can’t remember if you gave me your e-dress at the end of last season, or if you said not to ever contact you. 
Regardless, you were in my thoughts when little Baby Suri was born.  Such a beautiful baby, born to two of the greatest people ever.  We’ll have to talk about it when next I see you (if the restraining order has been lifted).
China, dearheart, was like a whole ‘nuther country.  Glad I did it, but don’t really have to do it again.  Much, too much, to put down here.  Suffice to say, I lost about 15 lbs. in three weeks, and had a bad-ass bout with altitude sickness in Lhasa.
Currently in MO, working on my condo.  Going back south in August for a 12-month contract.  Yippee.  Stupid AND greedy.
Hope you’re doing well.  What are you up to?  Coming back?  Housing wouldn’t be the same without you.