Re: I got an interview


hi all, “marxha” here! I like that version of my name Mike…did you know that my name spelled backwards is….”ashram”..

anyway, enough of that silliness: being a janitor on the Ice is the best job there is. I’m not exaggerating. I wanted to come back my second year as one & didnt care at all about the pay being low. But I came back in supply, which is also a great dept to work for.

the freedom aspect of the job, and the comraderie of the janitor team is extraordinary… I had one dorm & two work areas….rocked out on my i-pod when I was cleaning, got my first ever arm muscles, and just got to run around so much as my buildngs were spreaq out over town. Best of all, you have breaks in the galley with homemade goodies. I was amazed that there was never really anything gross that I had to clean. The only thing Mike wrote that i never did was “shampooing”….

just make sure you have really comfortable shoes for that job as our on your feet a lot!

good luck!

G: enjoyed our talk marathon today so much! Don’t even remember that drive from Austin to Houston!