Re: I got an interview


We need more alternative janitors.  Never did like the regular ones…  🙂
As a janitor, you’ll be working for Housing, and responsible for sweeping, cleaning, restocking, lifting, croching, and catching naps in closets (just kidding – don’t do the last one if you want to stay the whole season).
Vermin control has been high on the agenda for the last few years.  Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to kill the little guys, because it’s against the Antarctic Treaty.  They’re trapped live, then kept alive till the ship can take them away at the end of the season.  New Zealand doesn’t want them, so they’ll stay on the ship till it docks in Washington state, where they’ll be given to exterminators to deal with.
I’m sure someone that’s actually in that department would be better to answer your question.  I only know what I hear through the grapevine.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get to come down.  Seems like there’s always someone dropping out at the last minute, or not PQing.
Good luck.