Re: I got the job!


This is the part I like the best. Every year there are always a handful of people who get hired while communicating with likes of us. I’ll never know for sure if our advice helps or not, but I would like to think we’ve contributed in some small way. Lorie and I also did a dance when we were picked, so I know how you feel. And after 6 years this place is still awesome. Congrats Rebecca, I’m sure you will do fine down here. Being a janitor starts you off at the bottom, but  I’ve known few janitors that didn’t love the freedom  you get as a janitor. You will be around most of the buildings and lot’s of people will meet you. This is your in for the first year, you will have to hobnob a little to move up the ladder for your next season , but you’ll have plenty of chances to do it.
Next step- get your medical done the instant you get the package. That is the one thing that can knock you out. Many people flunk the physical the first time around. That’s because they check everything you could imagine and more. You’re most likely to flunk the blood work and dental. Bloodwork because everyones levels of blood chemistry varies a lot. I’ve flunked for calcium too low and creatinine to high. I never heard of creatinine, but both tests I retook and passed with flying colors. Most likely you will pass the second time around. The secret is to get the initial medical done fast so that if you have to retest you have time to do it. People who wait on their initial physicals end up running out of time. They get dropped for an alternate that got everything done early.
Dental is the same. Expect them to ask for deep cleanings, wisdom teeth etc. Again get it done early.
good luck with the next steps and keep us informed. By the way if you get a chance to come down at winfly do it. Trust me you won’t regret it.