Re: I got WinFly!


Naner Mel —
In your employment packet there was a sheet for ordering prescription sunglasses.  Many people do this.  Just need a script to send in.  You typically get them delivered to you at orientation.
The stock sunglasses they provide are good, and will protect your eyes.  However, I always bring down my own pair of Serengetis.  Just be sure they don’t have a metal frame, and are of a fairly wrap-around design. 
I just found out today I’ll be on the first flight down.  Yippee.  There goes any chance for delay, since the first flight ALWAYS makes it in.  Damn. 
The adventure begins…
Oh, I’ll be the strongly-built bald guy, with a salt-n-pepper (mostly salt) goatee.  If we’re on the same flight, I’ll actually meet you in Denver.
See you soon.