Re: I got WinFly!


Hey Zondra, long time no see! Hope yer doing well. Hey Atlas, it hasn’t been long enough! Ha. :->

Hi Melissa,

Both A and Z are right. You’ve found a good bunch of people.

2) Storage is good. I’ve stored backpacks, luggage, and scuba gear and have never had any problem.

3) The military post office (APO) that Z talks about is almost next door to the clothing distribution center (CDC) in Christchurch. It’s just like a normal post office except shipping to McMurdo is free and shipping rates back to the states are as if you’re shipping from California. Take advantage of it! They’ll even help you. Boxes and tape are available in the CDC. It may just take a while to arrive… In past years I’ve sent extra clothes, yummy things (non-perishable only), and even complete supplies for making sushi to the Ice. You can use the APO for a couple weeks after you get off the Ice before your privileges run out, after that you have to use the NZ post office — which can be very expensive to ship things back to the USA.

Have fun!