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Hi Mike,
  It is Monday about 4 pm in Christ Church and raining.  The wind is picking up, and they say it may snow here. Who knows???? We have an early day tomorrow, hope we fly. Atlas…Glad to hear the first flight made it safely. I am coming in with Sue Root, Christy Lappegard and a couple of new supply people.

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Atlas made it in yesterday. Tomorrows flight is on and the weather seems to be improving. Maybe you will get a view of Erebus smoking. We’ve been waiting a few days to see the sun. So far it’s been too cloudy. You folks on tomorrows flight may get to see the sun before we do. By the way, if any of you are finding time log on. Who is coming in on what flight?
I think Casey is on the last flight. Don’t know about melissa.

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