Re: I got WinFly!


Looks like I’m going to miss you this time around Casey. I’m out on the flight you are coming in on.  Don’t despair too much, though. I may end up temporarily being in charge of the freezer for a few weeks when I get back.  You are one of two new guys working in the food services area. The other is Kyle, I met him yesterday. When you write home, you can get some mileage out of telling the family that you are one of three people hired to come to Antarctica to work in a freezer. I always thought it was kind of strange.
You’ll find that the food warehouses are a little miserable at this time of year. The dry buildings aren’t heated and are as cold as the freezer. By the time the sun comes up full time, the buildings warm up and they become one of the nicer places to work.
I’ll ditto Atlas’s hint about getting the side seats in the c-17. You will appreciate being able to stretch your legs and get up any time you want.
Another one. When you get your issue gear. Ask for the Blue FDX boots. They will be much more comfortable to work in in the freezer than the white bunny boots.
Also ask for the lightweight red wind breaker. They don’t give it out unless you ask and they are really nice to wear once the weather warms up. Make sure all the zippers work.
See you in October.