Re: I got WinFly!


Yup, Mike, I agree, bring girly things… It’s funny, I don’t think of myself as a girly girl (as I mentioned before, I stopped wearing makup after that phase I went through at age 13), yet on the Ice, I find that there are many more times I want to feel girly.  It must be some subconcious way of ballancing things out in a slightly off ballance place.  I admit, I feel more comfortable in carharts, than a skirt, but after that’s all you see (as all the men & women are wearing them), on a saturday night, when there’s a special party, it’s nice to ballance the carharts out with a skirt, or something nice.  I’ve acquired a great collection of nailpolish on the Ice (but don’t own any back in the real world)….  OK, enough, I’m repeating myself now…. Melissa, if you have any questions, or last minute packing questions, as you get ready, feel free to email me at:  zzzondee (at) …I don’t know how helpful my webpage would be, but feel free to check it out.  Probably all the stuff from my first year would be the most helpful for you.
Atlas – I got your email, thanks.  Hello to everyone else.  I’ve been following allong here, but just have never been at a very good internet connection, where I feel like making post.  Anyway, I’m coming down Mainbody, and am planning on staying for the winter this time. (still just an alternate contract, at this time, so I haven’t fully committed yet).