Re: I got WinFly!


Hey there, ‘Naner Mel —
Congratulations!  You’ll love Winfly.  It’ll be cold, but the skies are great!
Now, to try and answer your questions:
1.  There used to be a thing called a Travel Fund, but I hear that’s going away this year, to be replaced by reimbursement for actual expenses.  Of course, nothing is in writing yet, but that’s the word around the office. 
2.  No locker, per se, but there will be a secure area where you can put your stuff.  You’ll actually put a tag on it (like the airlines), and take the stub with you.  When you get off the ice they’ll have your stuff waiting for you.  I’ve used this setup a couple of times, and it works like a charm.
3.  Yes, your weight allotment will include your ECW gear.  However, keep in mind that what you wear on the plane (including most of your ECW gear) is weighed separately, so stuff your parka pockets with all they can hold.
4.  Bring your hiking boots AND your tennis shoes – you’ll need both.  Also, think about bringing some strappy high-heels for the dress-up parties.
Again, congratulations, and welcome to the ice!