Re: I'm coming back in October!


Ex is about to go to jail for harrassment and should solve that. I am looking forward to returning and being back where i feel at home again. As long as I pass medical, damn Cholestorol, I should have no troubles but every time they call me the system hangs up, typical corporation, never paying the long distance bill.
I can’t wonter, INS will not allow me be out of the country more than 6 months, if I am gone longer, I lose residency and have to be considered a new immigrant in some ways, if I leave for over 12 months I lose the green card so I am there for 6 months only. If I ever apply for and obtain naturalisation I can stay as long as I want though.Cant wait.
Can someone mail me the addy for the hairdresser? a friend may apply for the position and wants to know more about it. I am also mailing housing for room at Cal again, some of us need to be there to make it home again.
For those who shall be there, I shall see you then, for those leaving at Winfly, I shall miss you and wish the best for you all and for the newbies, who are you all? haha.