Re: IPods and other portable devices


Hello Lucky & Mike –

How are you both? Well, I hope. Mike, you’re gone from the Ice right now, right? And Lucky, you’re back at MacTown, yes? Are you living in Cal? Hope so – it’d be a shame for that dorm to lose the Irishman tradition.

Anyway, Luck, real quick: you should seek out and say hello to my friend Erin (a guy), who’s working as an Ops GA this season. He’s the brother of my girlfriend in high school and a great guy.

As for me, yes, I’m in New York, enjoying the city and trying to further my publishing career – I’m currently in contention for two travel editorial jobs which would be big jumps, salary- and responsibility-wise, for me. So wish me well.

All my best, and send HoCal my love,