Re: IPods and other portable devices


Sounds great Hunter. Hope you get the job.
Lorie and I are in Port Hueneme , Ca. helping do receiving for the USAP program. It’s interesting to see the other side. We’ll be here through December. Medical has flagged me again for different items. Every year it’s something different, never to occur again. This time high glucose levels. I have to go to a doctor today to get it checked further. The EKG also showed a change so they want me to see a cardiologist as well. I remember the electrodes kept falling off during the first one. I’m hoping that might be the problem.
Lucky, at some point you will have to try a winter. Do the 6 month contract from Feb to August. That should keep you in the good graces of the Immies.
Nothing like a good aurora to cheer you up.