Re: Iraq Transition


Wendy, you aren’t going to get rich here the same as you would at mozul. You probably aren’t going to die and you almost definitely won’t be shot at. The winter season from Feb to August is happening now and you won’t be hired now.
The next opening will be WinFly from the end of August to the beginning of October. A small contingent of early workers come in during that period to get things going for the big summer season.
Summer, or Mainbody, as it’s know here starts in October and goes to Feb. We have a thousand people here at any one time and is the most likely spot you would end up in.
For most people I tell them to go the April Job fair in Denver. Not that you can’t do it over the phone or by mail or internet, plenty do, It’s just that you get to meet the people doing the hiring. That sometimes gives an edge if you are qualified for the job you are applying for.
Good luck on your quest and stay safe. By the way I have a friend named John Harris who  I believe might be in your area . I can’t remember if he is in Tikrit or Mozul.He might be a carpenter. If you meet him ask about the ice and tell him Mike Poole says Hi.