Re: Iraq Transition


Hey John,
How did the elections go from your end?  I have to say I’ ve been a little worried about you, but you do seem in good spirits. Thanks for checking in and letting us know that things are ok. We are at the start of ship offload. Half of supply went to nights. It looks like I’m running the galley pad unloading area this year. Should go ok. After offload I leave the freezer and food warehouses for 121 electrical. They are doing the power plant upgrade this year so I imagine things will be busy.
John is right. There is amazing collection of people here. My story is that my whole life I’ve dreamed of hiking the AP trail from Georgia to Maine. In my entire life I only met one person who had done it and that was while sailing in French Polynesia.
I came here and sometimes I think I’m the only one who hasn’t.One guy here has done the whole thing seven times. Go figure.
 Half the people leaving here will be traveling to the most exotic places on earth and they don’t think anything about it. Just the fact that you are in Iraq probably means that you are going to fit in well down here.
good luck