Re: Iraq Transition


Hi Wendy. The process can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. I do not know how hard it would for you to get your physical and dental checkout where you are or when you would get the chance to vacate for a week to have it done but it seems thats probably the hardewst part, the forms are a pain of course but they can get to you easily enough. My first year took me 6 weeks to get done and ready to deploy, this year took 4 as I knew what was in store. Some have taken months and I know some who have missed the season because they had the wrong papers, they forgot to send something or the tests or forms were lost in transit. Lots of factors, especially if you are filling them out where you are so expect to hear from them, but not immediately. Its like all other companies, sometimes things go wrong. The season is about over now until August and so you have time to get ready to travel here if you get the contract. I believe we are shutting the station down for flights in 5 or 6 weeks and thats when winter begins which means thats when it becomes isolated completely unless there’s an emergency medivac.
Your current position should count well in your favor as they like people who can live without too many creature comforts while working. Many of the polies who are wintering are here for R and R right now and they paint a glowing picture, mostly I have heard that if you can handle altitude there should be no trouble being there and you get acclimatised quickly.
Hope it helps, keep in touch if you need anything else.