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Chris Contact me direct, i can help you,[/font:p0klk6gb]
Chris Post[/font:p0klk6gb][/font:p0klk6gb]
Christopher Post
United States Antarctic Program
   McMurdo Station Antarctica
Lehigh County Emergency Management
   Allentown, PA
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Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 03:21
Subject: IRLP Contact?

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[font=Arial, Helvetica, Sans Serif:p0klk6gb]IRLP Contact?[/font:p0klk6gb]   [font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif:p0klk6gb]Recommend[/font:p0klk6gb] Message 1 in Discussion
[font=Arial, Helvetica, Sans Serif:p0klk6gb]From: [/font:p0klk6gb][font=Arial, Helvetica, Sans Serif:p0klk6gb]N9JCA Chris[/font:p0klk6gb]
Would it be possible for someone to make a contact via IRLP to a local Amateur Radio Club Thurday night Nov 14 9:00PM  (our Time; -6 GMT)  I think this will be Fri afternoon ( 5:00PM Your time) My Node is 4368 and I can be contacted most any time Direct This would be a great Demo for Club Night if it can be arranged.
Name of the Radio Club is Tri State Area Radio Society [T.A.R.S] W9OG
Yours sincerely
N9JCA Chris
IRLP Node Owner 4368
Evansville Indiana USA

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