Re: Job Fair


Sorry for the delay in responding. lots of new people this year as we lost a lot of oldtimers last year and another bunch this year also. We are having a lot say they will not return again because of bad ordering and lack of knowledge during the current LDB and Power plant projects here. Just a bad year in general and then they messed up the alcohol order so that instead of having a drink with friends and venting, people were having to go to the bars and vent there and I have heard of so many near fights because of it. Hopefully they will have their act together again now the ship is here again.
We still have a shortage of winter people but its looking like they may manage it somehow or other, again.
I ahve suggested to a few friends to come here but they are unlikely to be able to make the job fair and I know its not the only way to get here, I never heard of it until I was alerady here, but I know it helps a lot though. Pity they do not have regional fairs in other places so more people can get through the paperwork.