Re: Job Fair

Big V

hi Jeff
here’s the trick to getting a job….it doesn’t even really matter what your skills are for most of them.  the trick is to be persistant.  go to the job fair–dress decent (like new carharts, new jeans and a decent shirt would be totally appropriate).  talk to everyone there–even if you’re not qualified.  bring about 30 copies of your resume and pass it around.  if you’re not good at making a resume get some help. 
collect everyones business cards that you talk to.  smile.  spend all day at the job fair.
after you get home, wait a week and start calling everyone you talked to weekly–and maybe email them too.  don’t expect calls or emails back, it probably won’t happen for awhile.  leave messeges like “hi, this is Jeff, i met you at the job fair and i just wanted to call and let you know that if you have any questions i can be contacted at this number, email, etc.–im very interested in a position as a ________”. 
if you can, avoid being a D.A. do it, if you can’t, it’ll get you down here.
entry level jobs that would be good would be: Supply Materialsperson, Supply Materialsperson-Apprentice (Retro Team), Shuttles Driver, General Assistant, Janitor.  Most of the Trades have Helper positions too (Carpenter Helper, Plumber Helper, Electrician Helper)
and also keeping in touch with the folks on this message board–i know it helped me get my job and i’m down now for my 3rd winter in a row. 
good luck!
Big V