Re: Job Fair


Thaings have been busy while I was away from the board. Jeff, make a few copies of your resume with different aspects of your experiences for each one. Make one with computer skills more prominent for the supply or IT positions and another resume where you write more on your vargo post for the MCC or loaders spots. Have a few and make it easy to know which is which, ask if you can copy one for them if need be and hand the more appropriate one to the manager in question.
Well, I was called and mailed yesterday, seems they may want me at the pole this year but shall wait and see how things progress until then. I will be at the job fair next month to introduce a few friends who are trying to head there this year as well as have a break from work so if you want to talk about the place Jeff, let me know and we can get together before or during the job fair.
Mike, I hope you and Lorrie and everyone else is having a good time there this winter, have you met Rebecca yet? The kid from here last year? I am looking forward to returning in August but have alreadt told them that I won’t work the power plant though.
All the best to everyone and I hope to see you all in Winfly.