Re: Job Fair


Do everything exactly as Velvet says.   The most important part of the process is to get the cards and get permission to keep in touch. If they say yes then they mean yes and you should do it. Be prepared to leave at the last minute.Someone may flunk the physical and leave an opening for you. If you get either an alternate or first choice job, then get the medical done as soon as possible. The medical process can take months to go through. If you don’t do it right away, you may find yourself out of a job because a week before you are due to leave they are asking for retests.
DA. It’s for people who know all about working in kitchens. If you’ve done it before you know what you are getting into. There are good points and bad about the job. The bad is the low pay and the monotony of washing dishes while everyone else is off having fun. The good side is that you have time off when everyone else is working.With 1000 people here in the summer, quiet time with your friends is at a premium.  Lot’s of DAs get out on their days off to help with the divers and science groups. You have to ask, though, no one is going to twist your arm to help them.
Janitors have the same low pay jobs, but seem to enjoy themselves a lot. I’d pick that over a DA.
Another low pay but sometimes fun job is the Retro team. They find all the useless items around the station and package it up. Hardworking retro people often find jobs the following year. It’s a good intro job that because of the variety of work ,is not likely to burn you out.
Try for GA, but everyone else in the world is applying as well. Lots of competition there. Construction assistant is another avenue that few people know about. You only need a working knowledge to be an assistant.
Supply is a medium pay job. If you can sit on the floor for 4 days and count nuts and bolts then this is for you. It’s actually rather challenging as you’ll become an expert in the warehouses you belong to. You will more than likely learn to drive the loaders and forklifts as well. It requires a fair amount of computer work and oftentimes the dept is full of people with varied college degrees. You’ll probably work all over the station. The bad side- inbetween all the great stuff, be prepared for endless hours of counting.The job is primarily inventory control and if you can’t sit in a dingy dark room and count, you will hate this job.
Lucky, so far this is turning into a nice quiet benign winter. Everyone is helping everyone. Hope it continues.
Good luck on the job fair.