Re: Job Fair

Big V

Big V here again….I think people who actually attend the job fair should have a pretty good chance of getting down here this year, given how difficult raytheon has made it for people to apply.  and mike’s right, i can’t find any info on the job fair either…nothing on where to stay, etc.   it’s always been a big deal before this year and easy to find info on.   they’ll probably be a ton of denver-ites looking for full-time year round in the office and hardly any people wanting to come down here.
and also–i know it’s polite to ask if you can call (the business cards you collect at the job fair), but i’m pretty sure all my contacts said “don’t call us, we’ll call you”.  and they never did.  i’d call them anyway….leaving a polite message is not harrassing and just keeping you in the front of their heads.
good luck–can’t wait to hear about it!