Re: Job Fair


Well as with all jobs down here, you never know whether a super qualified person is going to apply for the job you want. History would probably show that most of the jobs are filled with persons like yourself with years of verifiable on hands experience. Granted the job descriptions may call for you have multiple phds and 48 years experience, but the truth is you may end up being the most qualified person applying, so go for it with gusto.
Read through all the posts on employment and see what everyone has to say on the subject of other jobs. There are lots of jobs. IT encompassas the radio and microwave links, the phone system, comms, and the hardware and software side of things. I’m not sure what the Cisco cert is that you have, but we have cisco systems here, so that may help. Outside of IT are all the support jobs from supply down to janitor.  We are all suspecting that the job fair info is so difficult to find this year that the number of people coming in from outside of Denver may be low. That enhances your chances.
As always, if you get an Alternate position, get the medical done as soon as possible. Often the alternates slide in when the more qualified flunks or took too long to get  medically qualified. For the rest read BigV’s post about pushing for the positions you want.
Good luck