Re: Job Fair


I can’t tell you what you will be asked, but we can tell you a little about what the GA jobs entail. In general they are low pay jobs. However, they are great entry level jobs. GA positions tend to get you around the station to places that others can see how well you work or don’t work. GAs do the work that nobody else wants to do. IE. shoveling snow, chipping ice, moving items, sometimes drudgery sometimes just hard work. The really great side of being a GA is that a large percentage get asked to do drudging work at places like penguin camps, or dive sites. Sometimes being helecoptered to places that I’ll never have a chance to visit. Yeah, once there you might be chipping urine barrels out of the ice, but it’s a trade off, isn’t it.
Go into it understanding that not all GA’s get out, but you will still be in a great position to find more substantial jobs the next season.
In general, a GA is a better job than a DA (dining attendant). The GA pool tends to be young educated workers, full of life and potential.
There are also GAs within the various workcenters. If you land a job there, you will most like get some pretty good experience at being a carpenter, or electricians helper etc.
Good luck on the phone interviews.