Re: job fair


I went to the Denver Job Fair. I was there on sat, and there probably weren’t as many people as on Friday. Most people I talked to were very very very VERY nice. I applied for science support positions, and the DA/GA/etc positoins. The best part was, that some hiring managers saw my resume and said, “Oh , you would be soooo good for this position… go talk to so and so… down the hall!” And I would and it was great. Or they would say… “you are so qualified except you really need to be certified to operate such and such piece of machinery… if you get down to the Ice somehow this summer, I’ll train you and hire you next year.” Like I said, very nice people.

The only discouraging thing was that everyone told me that they have returning employees from last year, and of course, those employees get first dibs on the positions. It really made me feel like I was almost wasting my time, but I am glad that I have tons of email addresses to contact.

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice, I’m glad I went to the job fair