Re: Job Fair


It was a good and busy day, saw a lot of old faces and lots more new ones hoping to head there this year. Im met some from this site as well but it was all the old friends which made it great for me, 4th season and my first time at the job fair, may start going there every year just for meeting peple. I saw a lot of folk from last year and I hear the retention rate overall is very good this year. I had 3 friends I brought there to introduce and try to help them get jobs there this year, well, 2 friends and my ex, hopefully they all get a start down there. I know a lot of folks are upset that there was only the one fair here this year and long lines but I think they feel there are enough returnees to where they do not need to have too many days spent meeting new faces and going through resumes. Sorry for the new folk but it sounds like its going to be harder this year to get there due to many of us returning, I heard some people applying at the FEMC table for trades positions and I know most from last year were talking about going back so its going to be tight.
I am getting ready for the trip south once more but thats dependant upon my ex getting something there so hopefully I will be seeing many of you in August or from October onwards, if not this year, hang in there and keep trying, I know some who spent some years trying to get there and they all tell me it was worth the efforts and perseverence.
All the best to you all.