Re: Job Fair


Great, I’m applying for the summer so look me up if you make it.
If you have the hireright ap, you are probably going through the background checks. chances are good that you are in. The next crucial step is to do you physical and dental as soon as the packet arrives. You might even alert your doctor that it will be coming up.
The process is you get the packet ,you do your physical with your doctor and dentist. It gets mailed to the medical dept in Denver where program doctors and dentists review the results. If anything is wrong, especially with the bloodwork and dental, you will probably be asked for a retest. As you might imagine by the time you get the first appointment, get it analyzed, ask for a retest, get another appt with your doctor, take the test again, resend it, reanalyse the results and so on and so on, a lot of time can go by. If you get everything approved early you are way ahead of the game. Some wait till the last minute to do the PQ and run out of time for the retests. They don’t come down. You don’t want that to be you.
good luck on the rest