Re: Job Fair


Hahaha. I still have the pics. Found out a lot of other things got in the way but, we are going down as friends so she can see what the deal is all about down there. All 3 friends I went to the job fair with have been given janitor offers so they are all excited to be heading down, Hirerights stuff is done now and they are awaiting the next step. My P/Q. stuff is still hidden away, been busy and then forgot about it so thanks for the posts here for reminding me Mike. Sorry that you need a new roommante this year, come over to Ho Cal, you are always welcome there, Jeff will regale us with storyies and tales of the comraderie abounding in the lounge. I am supposed to be down on he first flight so I will hopefully get to see Lori before she heads off.
Theres a lot of things they will stop you going south with and some things which people assume will stop them which they allow. The paperwork will tell you most of what you want to know and things they are worried about may be ok if you have enough meds to see you through a few months until they get some down or your insurance can get some to you, there are waivers also but they do not like using them too much. Dont worry about it yet though, if theres something you are worried about, call them up and verify before you spend the money on testing. Best of luck to all and congratulations also for getting this far. I hope to see you all in August or soon afterwards, don’t worry about settling in, theres lots of us there to help and we are usually noticeable by our lost and longing to leave look. Make lists of things you would like to have there and look at the guide for the clothing they will give as well as what they suggest. You can get away without much of the stuff though and a few weeks before heading down, go through the list one last time and only bring what you think you wll really want. We can help there also as we have all gone through the same troubles in the past.
Have a great time all ad remember, theres only 16 weeks left until the first flights move down, mark your calenders with regular reminders until everything is finished, just as I am doing now, haha.