Re: Job Fair


Lucky is right. We can help with what to bring down.
The first hint- If you are bringing down anything to help you pass the time- Leave it at home. You will find that between you and your friends and the rec dept, you will have almost no free time.
Bring things that are important for you  , but keep in mind that most everyday people will be asking you to do other things and you are going to have to tell them no if you want to do your own private things. If it’s not a priority, you probably won’t use the items. Almost everyone brings down too much stuff. After you have been here a few years you will accumulate the niceties of life, but leave that for your second year.
For me the only really important things are camera items, a hot water pot,  french press and coffee beans. That and my computer fill my free time.
Lots of musicians bring all sorts of toys. Skiers bring skis. I would absolutely get a good digital camera. There will be lots of photos on the common drive if you don’t, but you will want pics of you and your friends.