Re: Job Fair Advice?

Big V

wow, I think you’re stressing about this too much–especially if your fine with a dishwashing position.  although, it did take me alot longer to get “in” than i ever thought it would.  go to the job fair, talk to everyone (both days), hand out your resume.  smile, take out your piercings, don’t overdress (not a suit–maybe khakis and a nice shirt) and stress that fact that you no how to work long hours and you’re willing to bust your hiney to be here.
then, get everyones card from them and start calling them all about a week after the job fair, weekly until you hear something.  you have to be persistant but not a psycho about it.  also, i highly recommend going for something a little better than dishwasher–like a janitor, general assistant or shuttle driver would be much, much, much better. 
good luck!
Big V (currently on the ice)