Re: job fair


Hi Sharon & all,

I would say encouraged & discouraged! At first it was overwhelming: hundreds of bodies crammed into the small room, confusion about which lines to stand in…it was not what I expected at all. I just couldn’t imagine how I could stand out from all these hundreds of people…and my first two “interviews” were not encouraging; but after the first couple of hours I got the hang of it & really started having fun with it. I didn’t realize I would have 30-45 minute interviews with people (and we were on our knees as there weren’t chair for the interviewees-ouch!). There were several jobs I really wanted, and I dutifully interviewed for food & janitorial jobs, and those ironically, those ended up being my best interactions…actually, my most intense “interview” was with Jon, the food guy..he asked me such interesting & challenging questions! It was great yakking with the other job seekers too. I had no idea we would be standing in line so long to speak to the managers, so next time (if I don’t get on this year) I’ll definitley go both days. I asked every manager if it was okay if I contacted them, & most gave me their e-mail address, but a lot said they were expecting the last years’ person to return to the job. I truly felt like I did my best, & all & all it was an immensely satisfying, though surreal, experience…now I will start my weekly e-mail campaign with the managers I spoke with hoping they remember me! Would love to hear other’s experiences too…! p.s. I mentioned the incredibly helpful support I received from the folks on this website too…:-).