Re: job hiring process

Tommy boy

I’ve found that its not so much the experience in the kitchen, its enjoying the work. I didnt have any experience with my first cooking job and was immediatly moved up to prep, did rather well for my first time especially for fine dining……….
I appreciate the info here. The good news, or so i hope, is that they still have some job openings on the website…..the prep cook position for instance i imagine is abit hard to fill on a giant slab of ice.
The other thing i was wondering, how are the living conditioins, are there computers availble, could you bring one with you, is there internet…..i konw phone calls dont work out to well…..
the other thing…….now this may sound odd, or just childish, or drunkish…..but whats the possability of getting to the south pole and getting a picture with a budwieser in my hand……………
oh, thay brings to mind…..i know they have smokes down there, but do they sell beer , not that you’d want some one wandering around drunk in -40 weather, just a casual thing?