Re: job hiring process


They still have kitchen jobs open? I’d call them right away. You may or may not get through to anyone but it’s worth a try.
You are right about the experience. Depending on your point of view, kitchen jobs are either the best or worst jobs in McM. The downside is that you are working when everyone else is off, which means you have to get real inventive with your social life. If you can make your own entertainment you will do ok. In general if you are already in the food business then you will be accustommed to different hours.
The good side is that in a summer town that is packed with people to the point that it’s hard to find space to breathe. The kitchen staff has days off when everyone else is working. The trails are yours as well as the entire base.
Living conditions are ok. There is a satlink phone system to the states. It’s limited and only so many people can use it at a time, but again if you are kitchen help then you will have plenty of time for the computers and phones when lines are empty.
Computers are provided, but are busy during breaks and mealtimes. The link is basically equivilent to a dsl line that  all thousand people share at the same time. Very slow if you get my point, but ok for sending emails home.  You get space on the company harddrive for your photos.
Getting to the south pole is a possibility. Years ago they regularly held a lottery to send McM residents to the pole on turn around flights. Long enough to get your photo taken at the pole. During construction of the new SP station. All space on the planes were full of cargo, hence no boondoggle flights. I understand that last summer they started letting people go again. Can the kitchen spare you long enough to go if the lottery gets you a slot? Who knows. Maybe the lottery will slot you on your day off.
As far as smokes, drinks etc. It’s all available. You are expected to behave yourself. Break the rules and you will be on the next flight out with no bonus.Beer, Wine and hard liquor are sold in the store at reasonable prices. There are two bars, One for smokers and the other for non-smokers. There is also a coffeehouse that serves cappachino style coffee along with wine. It has card tables and a big screen tv for movies. It’s a favorite spot for acoustic guitar nights.
hope you make it down. get pushing hard for the job now.