Re: job hiring process


Tommy, Most of the jobs have rather standard pay scales. Less if you are there for the first time, more as you are experienced. I would be honest and put down a little more than you make now. One think for sure, experienced cooks that can feed a thousand people are hard to come by. As a result there are several categories of cooks down in McM. You may not be an executive chef, but you might make a great prep cook. Give it a shot and see what happens.
Most of the hiring has been done by now for the coming year, but people always drop out at the last minute so don’t let that discourage you. Read back in some of the old posts here to see how many people have been hired that thought they never had a chance.
If you don’t make it this year, plan on attending the Denver Job Fair in April of every year. It seems to me a much greater percentage of people who attend the fair get hired. You get to meet the recruiters personally and you get their emails to keep in touch with them.
good luck