Re: Just another FNGWannabe…except for one thing


“f you could quit your job and be ready to go in a day, I would certainly let someone know.”
I would be ready to go in six hours, if it weren’t for the required medical/dental exams.  I don’t believe there’s anything physically wrong with me (I’m fit enough to play rugby, in any case).  I travel light.   I have no strings attached, I am about as flexible as I will ever be in my life.  If there is any  body you could speak to on my behalf I would be eternally grateful, and I would be appreciative in any case (F.Y.I., prayers are sent as per my promise, not smething that comes easy to someone as cynical as myself).
I have applied to other IT type jobs, and expressed my willingness to leave at a moments notice.  I’ve only discovered the world of McMurdo since about 2 weeks ago: it’s a strange thing, I’m decidedly punctual in my day-to-day life, but in all matters related to Timing I’m hopeless.  One of the great ironies of my life.  I’m afraid you might be right: the gears are moving, things are happening behind the scenes…I won’t lose complete hope until October the first, but it will be a tortuous process of doubt until then.  Again, if you know people who know people, consider me available for anything.  I have been working hard in manual labour (home renovation business in NYC, factory work in NZ) for some time, I’m not above anything that scrapes out a living.
The whole recuitment process stands against my personality.  Badgering, pestering, persistence is something that I have felt very strongly against, but it seems I’m going to have to eat my own words in the face of something I really want.  If we’re lucky we’ll all learn something new about ourselves at least once a year.
Thanks again Mike and Sharon…enjoy the Ice in any case, whether I make it or not.  I’ll just be up north somewhere, curled up in the fetal position, sobbing gently to myself.  Don’t let it bring you down (hehe!).