Re: KC4USV or others on 6m EME?


We got approval this year to work 6m down here. Our problem is equipment. Some of the hams bring down radios with 6m capabilities, but the antennas are another problem. Too big to rig up on a temporary basis down here. It may happen but not soon. W1MRQ has a 2meter eme rig this winter using the jt65 mode and 125 watts. He’s tried it twice. The first time he was able to exchange call signs, the second didn’t work. We have to aim the antenna by hand, so if it’s cloudy we are only guessing on the settings. I can probably put you in touch with him if you do 2m eme. By the way for the rest of you. EME stands for earth moon earth or moonbounce. Ham radio operators make a directional antenna and aim it at the moon. They send a message to the moon, bounce it off the moon back to the earth and hopefully someone on the other side of the earth can decipher it. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.