Re: KC4USV or others on 6m EME?


Hi Mike. TNX for the info. Yes, the JT65 mode being used by W1MRQ is definitely what is needed for EME. I would appreciate connecting with him to discuss the possibility of working him with something on 6m EME. Unfortunately, 100w is too small for me to work on 6m EME unless he would have a big antenna….I think I could complete a contact with a good computer-optimized 7 element (or larger) antenna and 100w if the feedline loss is low and the ground gain is high. And I believe you would have very good ground gain. I have already worked KC4 on 2m EME when K6MYC was down there a number of years ago. I have also contacted a number of other antarctic bases to see if any of them might have one of the new types of HF+6m amplifiers (such as those from Yaesu, Icom and ACOM). TNX again and VY 73, Lance