Re: KC4USV or others on 6m EME?


Hello Mike,

If you can get an interface together so you can operate the new JT65A mode (weak signal digital mode), you will be halfway there! Last weekend I worked VA6SZ on 6m EME during his moonset, and he was using only 75w. However, he WAS using an M2 yagi with a 40′ boom. Last night I copied IK5MEN at a JT65A signal level of -17 dB (about 15 dB above the background noise), which would have still provided a decodable signal if he had been 10 or 11 dB weaker (with 100w). He was only using a 5 element yagi (20′ long boom)! I know it is hard to find materials to construct antennas down there, but possible a rope yagi like that used by AA7A would do it! Anyway, please keep me posted regarding your progress with JT65A! GL and VY 73, Lance