Re: lets talk turkey


You can spend a year if you want to. Since we are all contract here, once the season is over there is no obligation to return right away. Many people trade in their tickets for an around the world ticket. Basically, you can fly home whenever and the trip is paid for. If you want to fly somewhere else they credit the airfair from the programs ticket toward whatever you want. Since they buy the tickets wholesale, if you make other stops you will have to pay out of your pocket for the difference, but if you want to play in New Zealand for a few months the ticket home won’t cost you anything.Last year Lorie and I got out in Mid October, flew to Aukland and the North island of New Zealand for a couple of weeks. Then we went to Australia for 6 weeks before heading home to california for xmas. We then went to New Orleans and then on to Baltimore and the whole thing cost us about 500 dollars each.