Re: lets talk turkey


Yup, it’s just the airfair. But traveling can be pretty inexpensive once you get the hang of it. Hostels should cost you somewhere around 20 dollars a night for two people.¬†Hostels take some getting used to. You sleep in rooms with other people, not something you see much in the states. Most give you an option to get a private room for a little more money. If you are staying somewhere for a week or more look at weekly or monthly rates. In Australia we had a studio beach house for a month. The cost was 350 Austrailian which was a little over 200 dollars a week US. Full kitchen, laundry, cable tv, phone, pool, and just a short walk over the dunes from the beach. It was more than staying in the local hostel but it was nice having our own place for five weeks. This year we are moving a bit more.Hitting some more of the south sea tropical islands that we missed when we sailed across the ocean a few years ago.