Re: lets talk turkey


Let’s talk Turkey.
The honest answer is that it depends. There are a wide range of galley jobs from dishwashers , salad cooks, prep cooks and all the way up to executive chef. If you haven’t been a resturant cook someplace before you probably won’t get a job as cook at McMurdo. Pay scales vary from minimum wage up.
The funny thing though is that for most people you can’t compare the same wage here as back home. Since most everything in the way of living expenses are provided for you, there isn’t much to spend money on. If you are really smart you get rid of your house /apartment or rent it out while you are gone. Everything that you would have spent is now money in your pocket. No auto insurance, electric,water, sewer, gasoline, rent, etc.
So imagine making minimum wage at home, but not having to pay for anything. All of it goes in the bank. That’s what you get down here. Most all of us make less per hour than we would back home doing the same job, however, most of us also bank more down here than we would back home as well.
The other nice side benefit is travel. When you leave you get a free ticket home from New Zealand. You can delay the ticket and travel for a while if you want. Nothing like starting your vacation in Christchurch and not have to worry about paying for airplane tickets.