Re: lonly


Hello everyone, things down here at Mcmurdo have been pretty hectic with all the airflights trying to get in. Our last one didn’t make it today, the weather turned bad and they never even took off from New Zealand. Around 1 pm things got worse and they called condition one. The wind chills went down below -100 and they made us stop work and head back to town. Interesting time today.
Since there are enough of you out there that want to chat how about leaving a little info about yourselves and how you came about chatting on an Antarctica Site. Is it the photo’s, adventure, or maybe you would like to come down here one day.
I’ll start. My name is Mike and I’ve been coming down here since 1999. I’m almost 50 and love taking photo’s. Before coming to McMurdo my wife and I sailed across the pacific ocean for 10 months and then spent another year and a half as volunteers in a number of New Zealand National Parks.
Thats it  lets here from some of you.