Re: Looking for….


Hello Annadune
Life here is pretty hectic these days. The winfly airflights have been trying to get in all week, but only the first one made it. The second flight has been turned around or canceled 4 times now because of weather. Thats the pits for the people flying in. It’s a five hour flight from Christchurch and the flight yesterday got within 45 minutes of Mcmurdo before turning around because of fog. That disrupts everybody’s life here because in winter the whole town pitches in to help get the planes in. It’s looking like I might have to work tomorrow on my day off.
I’ll tell Antarctic Cat that you want her to update her site. She is as busy as the rest of us, though. I’ve asked her to do a page on the galley for me, but she said no. One of these days I’ll do some galley photo’s.
by the way thanks for the nice letter. I think Lorie answered you. Mostly the website is my thing. It takes and incredible amount of time to keep this up. Mostly done in 10 minute spurts during breaks at work. With her schedule there is no way she could do this. I’ll tell you more about the shipwreck later if you like