Re: Mainbody Deployment


Hey, hope I didn’t miss you. You must be getting pretty close to leaving. Sharon is right. I would bring your own alarm clock. I havn’t seen a power outage yet but I would recommend bringing a battery powered alarm. If you don’t have one I noticed that they sell one in the station store if you are trying to save room in your bags.
As far as hats go. You can wear what ever you want. You are required to wear something. Most wear ball caps or bandanas. If you want you can buy that stuff here as well but if you have hats and stuff that you are partial to bring it. You can also wear goofy stuff- elf hats, hard hats, masks, etc. The day crew have also been doing crazy sock day. If you don’t get your own hair covering you will be forced to wear the traditional cafeteria paper hat or hair net, yuk.
Good luck on the trip.