Re: Mainbody Deployment


It’s funny Lucky, how you can’t please everyone.Depending on who you talk to  the upper case dorms are either too hot or too cold. 210/211 have the best rooms but they are either too hot or too cold. Many say 201-203 are the best but they do have a noise issue for ship offload during the first week of Feb. Hotel Cal- you either love or hate it. Personally I think it’s the worst of all, but then there are numerous people as yourself who love it. Go figure. I think when I said no complaints it was more about the fact that the housing people are doing a pretty good job of keeping everyone happy and getting you a reasonably nice room and roommate. Better this year than in some past.
Sparky, I’m in Supply again in the food service warehouses. One of those fools who come to Antarctica to work in  a freezer. It’s still 40 below in the unheated buildings. ugh.